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Is it wrong to just say yes? Because YES.


Thanks Delilah! :)

Chris Allison

Reminds me of The Way of Zen by Alan Watts. You'd like it; give it a read and we can catch up and chat about it some time :)


One of the cool things about not settling on some specific ambition is that it keeps more doors open. The older I get, the more I feel like every choice I make closes another door, shuts down another option. Part of that is inevitable, what with mortality and linear time, but it sounds like you're on a path that will keep your future more open.


Chris - I will definitely check that book out. Sounds like a good discussion over a drink!

Stephanie - I feel the same way too. That's why grad school didn't really appeal to me. I could feel the doors closing. Same thing would happen if I went after one career track or started a business. I like to keep things open.

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